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by Tom Glaisyer on July 2, 2009

Having spent the last week moving between the Communities and Technologies conference, hashtag: #cct2009 (on the back of which this website was set up) and subsequently attending Participation Camp , hashtag: #pcamp09 and The Personal Democracy Forum (PDF), hashtag: #pdf09, #pdf2009 both in New York. It is clear there is much going on in this field.

For me the highlights of Participation camp were learning about Mixed Ink and (the still in development) Shiftspace as well as the great folk behind both ventures¬† As for PDF Mike Wesch‘s and Mark Pesce‘s presentations on Tuesday morning stole the show. (A similar presentation to the one Wesch made at PDF is available here, the text of Pesce’s is here)

In the near future is the (now closed for registration) International School on Digital Transformation (hashtag #ISDT09 on twitter and the like) If you are aware of other events please add in the comments and we’ll add them to the public Google Calendar here.

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