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A rationale for this site

by Tom Glaisyer on August 29, 2009

Welcome to the international social participation website.

I have drafted an initial “about page” for the site. Do click on the link to it in the navigation bar above or in this post. As those who were around when I offered to configure the site know it was conceived of as a shared effort and the vision for it will undoubtedly benefit from the input of others so please comment on this post or the about page. If you want to get in touch me directly do feel free to email me at Regards, Tom


Recent and upcoming events

Having spent the last week moving between the Communities and Technologies conference, hashtag: #cct2009 (on the back of which this website was set up) and subsequently attending Participation Camp , hashtag: #pcamp09 and The Personal Democracy Forum (PDF), hashtag: #pdf09, #pdf2009 both in New York. It is clear there is much going on in this […]

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So what needs changing on this site for it to be useful

This site has been built as a place for scholars and others to discuss community, technology, participation and related topics. Please add comments below with suggestions of aesthetic or other changes. Any and all input welcomed…….. If you want to contribute to this project please send an email to communitytech.participation (at) gmail (dot) com

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What else is going on in the field?

List here events that might be useful for others interested in the topic to attend…. (perhaps we should open up a shared Google calendar?)

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